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ALL RIGHT. It has been a really busy Atumn, so you'll see new documentation if you clic around.
I've been working around Cyprus, Boston, Volos, Granada and Calgary, so don't hesitate to have a look around.

More things to come in 2017! Bonne Année!


BOSTON FRIENDS!!! I'll be performing on Spectacle Island (Boston) at the Ouside/inside event hosted by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan and among other great artists! Don't miss out, SATURDAY 16th of july. Yay.

Also, part one of my performance in Cyprus is online! Check it out HERE!


CIPAF 2016 was amazing/challenging/engrossing along with amazing artists!!! Look out for early documentation on the web site, or CIPAF's facebook profile.

UPDATE!!! New documentation for 2015 performances under performance tab and Christian&Anne project Odyssée, curated by Manon Tourigny and Nadège G. Forget, for DARE-DARE dislocation 10th anniversary.


2016-04-26 Je serai en compagnie d'artistes extraordinaires à Chypre, du 4 au 14 juin pour le festival CIPAF! Toutes les informations sur le sîte de l'événement!

I'll be participating among awesome artists to the CIPAF festival in Cyprus, June 4th to 14th! All the details on the website!


2015-08-03. Nous avons performé hier dans le cadre de Actes de disparition, au Square Viger afin de dénoncer le manque de respect et de volonté des autorités gouvernementales envers le patrimoine artistique et l'art public. La journée fût magnifique! Photos à venir.

Parlant du Square Viger, la prochaine performance de Christian & Anne s'y déroulera le 12 septembre 2015 dans le cadre du Projet Odyssée de DARE DARE. Détails à venir!

J'aurai le grand plaisir de performer au festival Visualeyez d'Emonton entre le 15 et le 22 septembre! Détails à venir! Visualeyez (2014).

L'événement Entre chiens et loups (2015-07-29) fût extrêmenent intéressant! De belle rencontres dans un parcours performanciel en plein centre-ville de Montréal Merci à Didier Morelli, François Morelli, Adriana Disman, Victoria Stanton, Étienne Tremblay-Tardif et toute l'équipe de l'ATHE.


2015-04-10. I'll be presenting my next performance down in Boston, at Mobius on friday night, April 10th! Check out the web sîte for more informations here. I'm really looking forward to see you there if you can make it!


7a*11d's festival has been awesome. Documentation is coming soon! Meanwhile, check out the festival's website!


7a's performance festival is in two weeks now! I'll be presenting a new preformance there! Be sure to check out the great artists line up and the activity schedule on their web site! 7a 11d, Toronto performance festival.

Le projet Sporadiques urbaines VII est en cours! Venez assister au GALA à la VV Taverna ce jeudi 2 octobre.

2014-08-15. Geneviève Massé,Mathieu Lacroix, me and several other artists will meet up at the Rencontres the création de Natashquan from august 17th to 23rd! See you there if you dare making the road.

2014-08-15. I presented a new performance yerterday at the Darling Foundry. See the performance video documentation here.

I'll be performing at the 7a*11d performance festival october (27th to Novembre 2nd), presenting a new solo work: The in betweens. Stay tuned for more details or visit the 7a*11d's website.